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Elantris - Brandon Sanderson I was slightly disappointed in this book.

On the good side, I enjoyed the unique plot regarding the city of Elantris as well as the magic system. I also liked that we were able to read the viewpoint of the antagonist, Hrathen. You don't get that a lot in books, and I feel it helps to sympathize more with why someone is doing what they're doing.

On the bad side, the other characters. The second view point character, Raoden, is a handsome, charismatic, laughing, kind, courageous, nothing-ever-gets-me-down, I-do-no-wrong, perfect prince. Always. He has no flaws and makes no mistakes. It eventually becomes repetitive and boring reading about him. There's only so many times it needs to be stated how greatly everyone loves him. It also doesn't make me sympathize with him. I want to read about real people, not dull cutouts.

The third viewpoint character, Sarene, is as bad. If you want a female character to be strong and intelligent, then make her strong and intelligent. Don't make her strong and intelligent because every other female in that world happens to be dull witted, frivolous, and submissive. I can't count the number of times highly respected, experienced men stood speechless and in awe at her feet when she said something remotely smart sounding since, apparently, all other women they've come in contact with are dumb.

The ending was predictable and there were quite a few mistakes in the writing itself (like how everyone suddenly knows what someone else is thinking or doing just by looking in their eyes...). All in all, it wasn't terrible and I'll give Sanderson another try.