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The Stolen Throne - David Gaider This book is proof that someone who can write a great video game does not mean they can write a great novel. I loved the Dragon Age games and was excited to begin reading the books. No...Just no.

The writing was awful. There were so many inconsistencies, I was beginning to wonder if it had even been edited. Weapons that had not been mentioned would appear out of nowhere. Characters that were seriously injured would mysteriously heal without any mention of the wound after the fact. (I don't care if you are a prince, Maric, you cannot possibly run all day and all night through a forest with a broken leg.) The plot and characters were lacking. It just wasn't good.

The reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because lovers of the Dragon Age video game series might take something from the characters and events you hear about in the game, but never actually see. The darker side of the story appealed to me as well and, of course, Loghain. Loghain's character is the only one worth reading about. He actually has some depth and I can't help but love him.